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0421 Black Russian
A perfect drink for all coffee lovers.
0421 White Cap
A delicious drink with different flavors - and the namesake white cap.
0421 White Russian
Vodka, coffee, cream - that's all you need for this piekfein drink.
Anchor light
With this drink, two Piekfeine spirits come into the glass - a real northern light!
Apricot Libre
Cuba Libre is not fruity enough for you? Then here's the perfect variation for you!
Apricot Sour
Only three ingredients are needed to mix this all-around delicious cocktail.
Bremer Bitter Mule
A subtle twist on the classic mule
Mooring line
An unusual short drink for fans of our spicy aquavit.
Glühshot on the rocks
The popular gin classic with our fruity Pink Label Gin.
Glühweinlikör O
The classic gin cocktail reinterpreted.
Hazelnut Sour
A special sour that always fits especially in the winter season.
Raspberry Mojito
Mojito is a real classic - with our forest raspberry spirit it becomes especially fruity!
Lemon Breeze
the fresh mint and bitter lemon give this drink its wonderful taste.
the fresh mint and bitter lemon give this drink its wonderful taste.
Quince Sour
A fruity cocktail for all sour fans.
Rosalie Caipi
A refreshing variation on the classic cocktail Caipirinha.
Rosalie Negroni
A finesse-rich variant of the classic gin cocktail.
Sailor's night prayer
Spicy sweet, this drink is the ideal choice for those who like it special!
Salted Caramel Whisky Sour
A creamy sour that melts in your mouth like a praline!
Summer in the City
A fruity explosion of flavors
Triple Peak Coffee Negroni
Looking for a pre-dinner cocktail? This is the drink for you!
Triple Peak Coffee Sour
The best of two worlds: Gin and coffee flavor in one sour!
Triple Peak Pink Sour
A classic sour to which the hibiscus flower adds a special touch.
Van Loon Imperial
Whisky Sour with a difference.
Van Loon Whisky Sour
Whisky Sour should not be missing at any cocktail party - here's the recipe to the classic.
Williams Sour
Fancy a Piekfeinen Sour? Then be sure to try our version with Williams pear.
the fresh mint and bitter lemon give this drink its wonderful taste.