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Rosalie Caipi

Recipe production: in the shaker
Event: Aperetif
Type: Shortdrink
Level: medium
Ice cubes: yes
Drinking glass: Tumbler
Product category: Liqueurs & Bitters Presents

This Rosalie cocktail is a variation on the classic caipirinha.


  • 6 cl Rosalie
  • 1 lime
  • 1,5 BL cane sugar


  1. Cut the lime into six and put it in the shaker. Then add about one and a half bar spoons of cane sugar.
  2. Then pour in Rosalie and shake vigorously on plenty of ice. The juice should come out of the lime.
  3. After shaking, do not strain the drink, but pour it into a tumbler with the ice. Stir briefly and serve.