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Craft Distillery since 2011

We opened our transparent factory on 11 November 2011 with a total of eight brandies and spirits in a historic location for the wine and spirits trade in Überseestadt. As the first and to this day only distillery in Bremen.

A lot has happened since then: we have grown together as a small, fine team and today produce over 50 spirits in our distillery. Nine vintages of our Hanseatic single malt whisky are already stored in our whisky warehouse.

But what has always remained the same in the twelve years of our history? Our love of traditional distilling and our passion for fine spirits.

Our Classics
The founder introduces the distillery
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Burned with heart & hand

As a small manufactory, we have made it our motto to always uphold the idea of quality. Traditionally, everything is done by hand with great attention to detail - from the selection of our fruit, the controlled fermentation, the distillation and production of our spirits, to the bottling and labelling, all the way to shipping. Wherever possible, we source our raw materials directly from the region, and only our excellent soft drinking water from Bremen is used in our elaborate rough and fine distilling process. This makes all our spirits particularly mild in taste. And so, for us, every single bottle contains not only a great deal of passion, but also a little piece of home.

Our values

Known from

Our copper still never stands still, because we are always working on new creations. Here you can find out when we have just bottled a seasonal spirit or created a brand new one. For example, have you heard of our Sea Salted Caramel Liqueur with our Van Loon Single Malt Whisky? The perfect liqueur for the Christmas season!


Your heart burns just like ours for fine spirits, but simply enjoying them is not enough for you? Then you've come to the right place with our events. We organise guided tours, tastings and workshops at our two locations - the distillery and the whisky warehouse. You can also book private parties or corporate events.


Our transparent manufactory directly at the Europahafen

It all started here in 2011 - with the founding of Piekfeine Brände, we opened the doors of our glass factory at the Europahafen in Überseestadt for the first time. Since then, we have been distilling our Piekfeine spirits day after day in our distillery in traditional copper stills using true craftsmanship. In our guided tours, tastings and workshops, you can learn about the distillery and the distilling craft, taste our spirits and browse through our products in the shop.

Whisky Warehouse

Our whisky warehouse in the wholesale market area

Mainly our Van Loon Single Malt Whisky is stored in the Whisky Warehouse. But not only whisky is stored in our barrels, also other fine spirits, such as our barrel-aged rye brandy, aquavit, our rum Alma Norte or barrel-aged Fruit brandy. A visit is possible only by appointment.