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Bremer Bitter Mule

Characteristics: bitter
Recipe production: in a guest glass
Event: Aperetif Digestif
Type: Shortdrink
Level: easy
Ice cubes: yes
Drinking glass: Tumbler
Product category: Liqueurs & Bitters Presents

A mule refers to cocktails with primary ingredients ginger beer or ginger ale, lemon juice and a spirit. The ingredients are shaken, stirred, crushed or infused. The following ingredients are used in our Bremen Bitter Mule:

-4 cl Bremer Apothecary
-1 cl lemon juice
-2 cl Ginger Beer
-Mint leaves

* Alternatively and less sweet with Bremer Bitter

1.fill tumbler with enough ice cubes. to the brim.
2.Pour Bremer Apothecary and lemon juice into the glass and stir with a spoon.
3.Top with Ginger Beer.
4.Decorate with mint leaves.