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0421 Black Russian
A perfect drink for all coffee lovers.
0421 White Cap
A delicious drink with different flavors - and the namesake white cap.
0421 White Russian
Vodka, coffee, cream - that's all you need for this piekfein drink.
Bremer Bitter Mule
A subtle twist on the classic mule
Bremen lass
Looking for a sweet after-dinner drink? Then try our Bremer Deern!
Coffee Step by Step
This short makes not only tasty, but also visually really something!
A refreshing drink made from spicy aquavit, soda and lemon.
Spirit of the Rosa Rugosa
Flower and fruit of the Rosa Rugosa
12,00 € *
Raspberry Mojito
Mojito is a real classic - with our forest raspberry spirit it becomes especially fruity!
Young Edition Raspberry
Raspberry Spirit
19,50 € *
Young Edition Marille
Apricot Spirit
19,50 € *
Piecemeal velvet collar
Korn und Bitter - a classic short from the Ruhrpott.
Triple Peak Coffee Negroni
Looking for a pre-dinner cocktail? This is the drink for you!
Triple Peak Coffee Sour
The best of two worlds: Gin and coffee flavor in one sour!
Van Loon Manhattan
Are you looking for a real all-rounder? With the Manhatten you are always right.