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Young Edition Raspberry

Fine fruit juice spirit not just for festive occasions
34 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
19,50 €
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Celebrate with our special fruit juice spirits from our Young Edition!

Less alcohol, more fruit - the perfect balance for a special day. Enjoy pure indulgence in the apricot, raspberry, Williams pear and hazelnut varieties! Let your guests experience the flavor of the moment with every sip!

Make your wedding reception unforgettable with our refreshing and delicious selection of fruit juice spirits.

Or choose a variety and make it the dominant theme of your wedding, like the raspberry here:

A wedding celebration with our Young Edition - Raspberry is a delicious, original idea! The raspberry spirit with less alcohol and more fruitiness is a refreshing and lighter alternative to traditional fruit brandies and goes well with a celebration of any kind.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate the raspberry theme into your wedding reception:

  1. Welcome cocktail: offer guests a refreshing welcome cocktail with our Young Edition - Raspberry. For example, you could serve a raspberry mojito called "Raspberry Romance" or "Berry Bliss".
  2. Drinks: Of course, the Young Edition - Raspberry is the focus here. Serve our Young Edition - Raspberry as a refreshing table drink during dinner! Place the bottles directly on the table! There is also a large selection of cocktail recipes with raspberries or simply raspberries with sparkling wine as a sparkling wedding specialty. Raspberries can also be used as a garnish for the drink.
  3. Color scheme & decoration: Be inspired by the beautiful color of raspberries! For example, combine raspberry red with cream or pastel shades for an elegant and fresh atmosphere! Use raspberries as part of the decoration! Use raspberry-colored napkins.
  4. Wedding cake: If you are planning a wedding cake, you can choose one with a great raspberry flavor! Imagine a cake with fruity raspberry cream and beautiful raspberry decorations.
  5. Raspberry desserts: Offer raspberry desserts to reinforce the theme. From raspberry cake to raspberry mousse, raspberry coconut sorbet to raspberry crumble, there are plenty of delicious options to indulge your guests.
  6. Young Edition - raspberry as a guest gift: Place our minis on the guests' seats as guest gifts! Personalize the labels with a sticker applied by us with your names and wedding date for a personal touch!
  7. Raspberry symbolism: Use the symbolism of the raspberry in your print materials, such as invitations, place cards or decorations! Raspberries stand for love, sweetness and passion - perfect characteristics for a wedding!
  8. With these tips, your raspberry-themed wedding reception is sure to be unforgettable and unique!

    Cheers to love!


Sensory description
  • fruity raspberry aromas framed by a fine sweetness.

This mild, fruity spirit is produced with the addition of our Raspberry Brandy. This is produced on a small copper still by maceration of highly aromatic wild raspberries and subsequent distillation. On the other hand, a dosage of a specially produced raspberry liqueur determines the fine sweetness and the golden color.

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