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in a guest glass

0421 Black Russian
A perfect drink for all coffee lovers.
Alma Norte Libre
Rum Cola, but extra spicy - for those who like to reinterpret classics.
Alma Norte Mojito
Fresh mint, sour lime and our Piekfeiner Rum make this mojito especially delicious!
Anchor light
With this drink, two Piekfeine spirits come into the glass - a real northern light!
Apricot Libre
Cuba Libre is not fruity enough for you? Then here's the perfect variation for you!
Sweet pear and bitter tonic water: a fresh, light aperitif!
Bionic High2
Bitter, sweet and fruity - this is the triad you can look forward to with this drink.
Bremer Bitter Mule
A subtle twist on the classic mule
Bremen lass
Looking for a sweet after-dinner drink? Then try our Bremer Deern!
Coffee Step by Step
This short makes not only tasty, but also visually really something!
A refreshing drink made from spicy aquavit, soda and lemon.
Mooring line
An unusual short drink for fans of our spicy aquavit.
Glühshot on the rocks
The popular gin classic with our fruity Pink Label Gin.
Raspberry Mojito
Mojito is a real classic - with our forest raspberry spirit it becomes especially fruity!
Lemon Breeze
the fresh mint and bitter lemon give this drink its wonderful taste.
the fresh mint and bitter lemon give this drink its wonderful taste.
Piekfeiner Eggnogg
Egg liqueur, white wine and orange juice - this hot drink is ready. But beware, it's addictive!
Piecemeal velvet collar
Korn und Bitter - a classic short from the Ruhrpott.
RosaFree Caipirinha
Ipanema reinterpreted
PinkFree Colada
Tropical non-alcoholic cocktail with coconut milk
RosaFree Margerita
Virgin Strawberry Magarita reinterpreted
PinkFree Mojito
Virgin Mojito reinterpreted
PinkFree Spritz
Our new RosaFree Spritz brings variety into the glass!
PinkFree Tonic
The classic gin cocktail reinterpreted.
Rosalie Spritz
Everyone knows Aperol Spritz? Then bring variety into the glass with our Rosalie Spritz!
Rose royale

A finesse-rich variant of the classic Kir Royale

Sailor's night prayer
Spicy sweet, this drink is the ideal choice for those who like it special!
Triple Peak Blue Lemon
The bitter almond aroma of sloe and bitter lemon - a very special duet!
Triple Peak Blue Tonic
Less strong, but all the more aromatic than the original: our Sloe Gin Tonic.
Triple Peak Gimlet
An ideal and quite simple aperitif made with gin and lime juice - perfect for all gin lovers!
Triple Peak Gin Tonic
The popular classic gin drink with our in-house Triple Peak.
Triple Peak Lemon
Refreshing variation of the classic "Gin Tonic" - with Bitter Lemon instead of tonic water.
Triple Peak Pink Tonic
The popular gin classic with our fruity Pink Label Gin.
Williams tonic
The fruity pear and bitter tonic water give this drink its wonderful taste.
the fresh mint and bitter lemon give this drink its wonderful taste.
Pie fine egg grog
Egg grog is the perfect drink for cold days. The cream makes it creamy and the eggnog and rum provides the cozy warmth.
Pie fine coffee punch
Coffee with cream and a good kick - that's exactly what comes into the glass here!
Piekfeiner rum grog
The perfect drink for cold days - warms the hands and the soul.