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Elderberry brandy

Wild fruit brandy from wild elderberries (lilac berries) from northern Germany
40 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
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Wild lilac berries grow everywhere in northern Germany on roadsides and forest edges, and of course on the dike. The grape-like fruit stalks give our distillate its distinctive spicy note. Larger quantities of wild berries are hard to come by and very expensive, plus the berries, which are usually quite low in sugar, make the production of a brandy very costly - but with its unique taste, this Elderberry brandy definitely pays off.
Sensory description
  • In the nose, there are delicate, voluminous and fruit-typical scent notes of elderberry juice with a spicy touch - very good in variety character and overall structure. In terms of taste, this fruit brandy convinces with its spirited strength, beautiful and distinct fruit notes, its spicy yet round, long-lasting finish.
The fruit clusters are harvested as late in the year as possible. Harvesting and processing must only take place in completely dry weather, as moisture can easily cause decay, resulting in an inedible distillate. The umbels are completely destemmed before being mashed. Under acid protection and oxygen exclusion, the selected, fully ripe, destemmed berries are fermented under controlled conditions in our distillery. Then, a maceration with 5% neutral alcohol takes place. Subsequently, the macerate is distilled using the traditional rough and fine distillation process. This elaborate, double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" preserves the aromas and results in a natural mildness. From 100 liters of elderberry mash, we obtain 5 liters of 40% elderberry brandy. In other words, it takes about 20 kg of elderberries to produce one liter of elderberry brandy, making this fine brandy quite expensive. Filtration is carried out using activated carbon. Only water is used for dilution during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added. Likewise, no stretching or blending takes place.
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