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Rowanberry brandy

Wild fruit brandy from Moravian wild sweet berries of mountain ash
40 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
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The fruits of the rowan, often called mountain ash, look like small apples and belong to the pome fruit family. For our Rowanberry Brandy we use fruits of the wild, sweet Moravian rowan, which comes from the White Carpathians, the so-called Moravian Slovakia. The berries, which are usually quite low in sugar, make the production of a brandy very costly, as larger quantities of wild fruits are difficult to obtain and very expensive - but the effort clearly pays off in the unique taste of the brandy.
Sensory description
  • The rowan berry brandy is distinctive and very strong on the nose - slightly floral, delicately scented and fruity fresh, it displays its variety-typical fruit aroma. In the mouth, it impresses with delicious intensity, is fruit-typical and highly aromatic, soft with racy power, and smooth and elegant in the finish.
Rowan berries pose very high demands on the fermentation and distillation process, as the fruits contain a very low amount of water and the natural preservative sorbic acid. This reduces the growth of yeast during fermentation. For this reason, the mash from rowan berries is watered down, and ideal environmental conditions are provided for the yeast. In our distillery, the carefully selected, fully ripe fruits are fermented under acid protection and oxygen exclusion. The distillation is then carried out traditionally using the rough and fine distillation method. This laborious, double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" of the distillate preserves the flavors and results in a natural smoothness. From 100 liters of rowan berry mash, we obtain 5 liters of 40% rowan berry brandy. This means that approximately 20 kg of rowan berries are needed for one liter, making this fine brandy very expensive. We filter the brandy through activated charcoal and only use water for dilution during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and the brandy is not diluted or blended.
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