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Sloe brandy

Wild fruit brandy from wild sloes from Bulgaria
40 % Vol Alc
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Blackthorn is a wild fruit that blooms in April on thorny bushes - in sunny locations, on calcareous, stony soils, on roadsides and forest edges and rocky slopes. After the first night frosts, blackthorn, also called sloe, breaks down its tannic acid, making the fruits softer and rounder in flavor, so that they can be harvested with difficulty. The small, almost black drupes taste very tart, sour and almost astringent - as a brandy they provide a fine, specific bouquet.

Sensory description
  • In the nose, the sloe brandy is dry, clear, and intense, reminiscent of tart-fruity marzipan, the delicate fruit of red and blue berries, and the spiciness of hay. In taste, it is intense and slightly bitter, characterized by the typical almond note, delicate wild cherry aromas, complex marzipan tones, and a touch of cocoa and chocolate. Strong on the palate - soft and long in the finish.
Sloe brandy is obtained through an alcoholic fermentation of the low-sugar pulp, including the stones, followed by distillation. The stones release a special bitter almond aroma during this process. In our distillery, the carefully selected, fully ripe fruits are first fermented under acid protection and oxygen exclusion. The distillation is then carried out traditionally using the rough and fine distillation method. The elaborate, double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" preserve the flavors and result in a natural mildness. We obtain 3 liters of 40% sloe brandy from 100 liters of sloe mash with stones. Therefore, producing a liter of sloe brandy requires approximately 33 kg of sloes, making this fine brandy quite expensive. The filtration is done using activated carbon, and only water is used for dilution during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and there is no stretching or blending.
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