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Wild raspberry brandy

Berry spirit from the forest raspberry from the forests of Romania
40 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
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Have you ever tried real wild raspberries? If yes, then you know how aromatic the small fruits make our forest raspberry spirit. And if not, then you should definitely try it. Because in everyday life we usually only encounter cultivated raspberries, but the wild relatives of the fruits convince with all the more aroma. Experience the honest, tart-sweet taste of our Piekfeinen Waldhimbeergeist, which directly triggers a feeling of summer in us.
Sensory description
  • An intense, seductive aroma of forest raspberries with subtle nuances of forest floor is present in the scent of this spirit. On the palate, you can expect a pure, fruity taste with a soft, fruity finish.
Although raspberries contain fructose, they are typically made into a spirit because their delicate flavors would quickly be lost in the fermentation tank. When macerated in neutral alcohol, raspberries release their flavors beautifully, resulting in a fine spirit after gentle distillation. After a certain period of maceration, the alcohol is slowly distilled again in a small 130-liter pot still until it is no longer neutral, but instead smells and tastes intensely of the sweet-earthy flavors of the raspberry. 500 kg of raspberries are used in 100 liters of neutral alcohol, meaning that 2.5 kg of raspberries are needed to produce one liter of the noble spirit at 40%. The spirit is filtered through activated charcoal and only water is used to dilute it for bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and it is not diluted or blended.
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