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Wild fruits & berries

Spirit of the Rosa Rugosa
Flower and fruit of the Rosa Rugosa
12,00 € *
PinkFree Colada
Tropical non-alcoholic cocktail with coconut milk
RosaFree Margerita
Virgin Strawberry Magarita reinterpreted
PinkFree Mojito
Virgin Mojito reinterpreted
PinkFree Spritz
Our new RosaFree Spritz brings variety into the glass!
PinkFree Tonic
The classic gin cocktail reinterpreted.
Sloe Gin Triple Peak Blue Label
Sloe gin is a fruity sloe liqueur paired with the specific notes of gin, which is the alcohol base
7,50 € *
Young Edition Raspberry
Fine fruit juice spirit not just for festive occasions
19,50 € *
Sloe brandy
Wild fruit brandy from wild sloes from Bulgaria
12,00 € *
Wild raspberry brandy
Berry spirit from the forest raspberry from the forests of Romania
9,90 € *
Elderberry brandy
Wild fruit brandy from wild elderberries (lilac berries) from northern Germany
12,00 € *
Rowanberry brandy
Wild fruit brandy from Moravian wild sweet berries of mountain ash
12,00 € *