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Walnut spirit

Nut spirit from southern France dried walnuts
40 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
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If the nutcracker could choose a favorite nut, it would definitely be the walnut. For us, the smell of walnuts definitely reminds us of Christmas and cozy hours in front of the fireplace. It is exactly these memories and the unmistakable taste of walnuts that we have distilled into a spirit. Not as sweet as the hazelnut, our walnut spirit from Grenoble walnuts convinces with an intense nutty flavor.
Sensory description
  • Herb-nutty and finely spiced, our walnut spirit lies in the nose, with its full aroma of dried walnut and notes of truffle. In taste, it is powerful-nutty and mild in the finish.
There is a single, large seed inside the walnut. The seed coat is thin and membranous. It contains about 62% fatty oil, but no sugar or starch, which makes the walnut unsuitable for fermentation. For this reason, the nuts for our walnut spirit are dried, shelled, crushed (with the skin left on), and soaked in neutral alcohol. During maceration, the fruit's aroma transfers to the alcohol, which is then distilled. The alcohol from this macerate is slowly distilled again in a small 130-liter pot still after a certain period of time. It is no longer neutral but smells and tastes like the truffle-like aromas of the walnut. We need half a kilo of walnuts to produce one liter of the noble spirit with 40% alcohol content. The filtration is done using activated carbon. Only water is used for dilution during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and it is not diluted or blended.
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