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Hazelnut spirit

Hazelnut Spirit made from roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont in Italy, flavored with natural vanilla and cocoa.
40 % Vol Alc
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Hard shell, soft core - hardly any other nut is as true as the hazelnut. The intense nutty-nougat note of our hazelnut spirit reminds us of sweet spreads from our childhood. So it's no wonder that this distillate with its popular sweet-nutty note is a real "favorite" for many thanks to the additional addition of cocoa and vanilla. The basis of this spirit are peeled, skinned and roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont in Italy.

Sensory description
  • In the nose of this spirit, there is a sweet-nutty, strong nut-nougat note with nuances of chocolate and vanilla, which is also responsible for the aromatic, complex taste.
Once the hard shell of the hazelnut is cracked, you will find a single large seed underneath. Despite its high fat oil content of 60%, this seed contains neither sugar nor starch, which means that the nut cannot be fermented. Therefore, for our Hazelnut Spirit, the hazelnuts are peeled, skinned, roasted, and crushed before being soaked in neutral alcohol. This process is called maceration, during which the alcohol extracts the aroma from the roasted hazelnut. After a certain period of time, the alcohol from this macerate is slowly distilled again in a small 130-liter pot still. A sieve with cocoa and vanilla is hung in the pot still, so that their aromas are also captured. The resulting alcohol is no longer neutral, but smells and tastes sweet and nutty – just like hazelnut nougat. We need half a kilo of hazelnuts to produce one liter of this exquisite spirit with 40% alcohol content. The filtration is done using activated charcoal. When bottling, we only use water to dilute the spirit and do not add any flavorings or sugar. We also do not stretch or blend the spirit.
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