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Coffee Step by Step

Event: Digestif
Type: Shortdrink
Ice cubes: no
Product category: Liqueurs & Bitters Presents
Level: advanced
Recipe production: in a guest glass
Drinking glass: Shot glass

The Coffee Step by Step is actually a "short" that consists of three visually distinct ingredients.


  • 2 cl coffee liqueur with single malt
  • 2 cl hazelnut cream liqueur
  • 2 cl rum Alma Norte blanco


  1. Care must be taken when preparing this drink, because what makes it special are the three layers that are separated from each other.
  2. That is, the ingredients lie on top of each other due to their different density and must not mix. For this to succeed, it is best to pour into the shot glass sideways and slightly tilted or float over a bar spoon.
  3. If desired, carefully light the top layer and drink directly with a straw.