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Piecemeal velvet collar

Event: Digestif
Type: Shortdrink
Level: medium
Ice cubes: no
Recipe production: in a guest glass
Drinking glass: Shot glass
Product category: Korn Aquavit and Vodka Presents

The velvet collar is a regional classic from the Ruhr area.


  • 2 cl Piekfeiner Korn
  • Bremen bitters


  1. The ingredients are layered in an iced glass. The two layers should not mix.
  2. Pour Piekfeinen Korn into the iced glass, then carefully float the spirit with Bremer Bitter using a spoon.
  3. It succeeded right the first time? Hats off! If it has worked, the herbal bitters with its dark color settles well visibly as a velvety collar on the grain spirit.