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Sailor's night prayer

Recipe production: in a guest glass
Event: Aperetif
Type: Shortdrink
Level: easy
Ice cubes: yes
Drinking glass: Tumbler
Product category: Korn Aquavit and Vodka Presents

Aquavit is endowed with an incredible balance of spices. In practice, it resembles gin - but it brings more spice to the drink, as the predominant flavors are caraway and dill.


  • 5 cl Bremer Kööm
  • 4 dashes of Bremer Bitter
  • 1 sugar cube


  1. Pour Aquavit into the guest glass. Drizzle the bitters over the sugar cube and add to the glass as well.
  2. Using a bar spoon, crush the sugar cube in the glass and stir everything until the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Add orange slice and ice. If necessary, top up with soda.