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Apricot brandy

Stone fruit brandy from the Bergeron apricot from southern France
40 % Vol Alc
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Under its Austrian name, Marille, the apricot is part of the classic range of fruit brandies - and rightly so, in our opinion. Unfortunately, artificially flavored products have somewhat distorted the typical character, so that brandies made from fully ripe fruit are often regarded as atypical or weak in aroma. We see it differently and are convinced of the southern French Bergeron apricot, which also comes into its own without any frills in our Apricot Brandy.

Sensory description
  • The distinctive and spicy aroma of our brandy contains the fine, ripe, soft, and typical fruit notes of apricot, reminiscent of light rosewood and green apple. Young, powerful, meaty, and juicy with a slight bitter almond note in the finish, this brandy convinces on the palate.
The stones of the apricot are responsible for the special touch of our apricot brandy, which are removed from the mash after two days of fermentation. The carefully selected, fully ripe fruits are fermented under acid protection and oxygen exclusion. The stoneless distillation is then carried out traditionally using the rough and fine distillation process. The elaborate, double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" preserve the aromas and result in a natural mildness. From 100 liters of apricot mash, we obtain 8.75 liters of 40% distillate. In other words, one liter of apricot brandy can be produced from approximately 11.5 kg of apricots. The filtration is done using activated carbon. Only water is used for dilution during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and there is no stretching or blending.
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