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Mulled wine liqueur

Rum based mulled wine liqueur
20 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
6,90 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
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Our mulled wine liqueur with rum is a masterful fusion of our aromatic rum and the familiar flavors of mulled wine that evoke memories of twinkling lights, crackling fireplaces and hearty gatherings. Each bottle is a tribute to the joy of winter and the magic of the holidays.  Welcome to a taste experience that warms the soul and invigorates the spirit.

Sensory description
  • Scent of winter spices to the nose. Cinnamon dominates, followed by notes of cloves and cardamom. When tasting, a pleasant warmth spreads in the mouth. The first impression is of an intense blend of spices, reminiscent of Christmas markets and cozy evenings. The spices are balanced by the sweetness of the liqueur, reminiscent of raisins and dark fruits. The rum gives the liqueur a pleasant heaviness and a slightly smoky note that blends harmoniously into the overall taste.
the main ingredients of this winter liqueur are high-quality mulled wine and rum. The addition of winter spices and orange creates a piekfeines drink that combines the warmth of mulled wine with the intense depth of the finest rum.
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