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Peated Van Loon Whitedog

Peated unaged single malt with smoky notes
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In our distillery we produce our Peated Van Loon from Scottish barley malt dried over peat fire with 50 ppm and excellent domestic soft water and distill the grain distillate double on small copper stills as a small batch using the pot still method. Peaty, smoky and just the way the whiskey heart desires! As Newmake or Whitedog we offer an unaged single malt that has never seen the wood barrel quite virgin.

Sensory description
  • Honey and strong smoky notes can already be found in the nose of this whisky and are perfectly complemented by the peaty taste and smoky, salty aftertaste.
This peaty barley spirit is made from smoky Scottish barley malt (ppm 50). The sweet wort is fermented with special pure yeast strains under oxygen exclusion and acid protection, and double distilled. This elaborate double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" preserves the flavors and results in a natural smoothness. Each year, a small amount of the whisky production is bottled as unaged single malt, called Whitedog, instead of being aged in barrels. Only water is used to dilute the whisky during bottling, and the water used is of excellent quality from Bremen. No flavorings or sugars are added, and there is no stretching or blending. The filtration is done through activated charcoal.
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