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Wheat grain spirit sweetened with regional Bremen honey
32 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
6,50 €
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SKU: 0081
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A grain of wheat combined with sweet, regional honey? That can only be good. You can taste just how good in our Honey.corn. It's not for nothing that corn, which has had a real tradition in the countryside of northern Germany since the 15th century, is becoming more and more popular again in the city and its bars. And our sweet northern light can clearly get in on the action!
Sensory description
  • Our Honey.corn has a delicate sweetness in the nose and tastes wonderfully harmonious and creamy with honey.
First, we expose the strength in the wheat grain so that the molecular chains can be enzymatically broken down into sugar chains. Only then can it be mashed with special pure yeast and fermented under controlled conditions with acid protection and oxygen exclusion. The distillation is traditionally carried out using the rough and fine distillation method. This laborious, double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" preserves the aromas and results in a natural mildness. Our freshly distilled grain is then diluted with water to drinking strength and mixed with regional Bremen honey. Daily stirring ensures that the honey dissolves well and combines with the alcohol. We do not add any flavorings during bottling, nor do we dilute or blend. The filtration is done using activated carbon.
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