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Plum brandy barrique

Barrel-aged stone fruit brandy from the Franconian house plum
45 % Vol Alc
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10,90 €
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A golden yellow color, the taste of fully ripe plums and a fine barrel note - this can only be our Piekfeiner plum brandy from the barrel! Our brandy is made from Franconian domestic plums, it is then allowed to mature in one of our VAN LOON whisky barrels - our secret recipe for its multi-layered taste. Unlike other plums, the stones of fully ripe plums easily detach from the flesh, making it easier to remove them after two days of fermentation. The skin of the plum is not so acidic and fully ripe plums have a nice prune aroma that is great on the tongue.
Sensory description
  • Mature aromas and little stone tone in the nose, juicy on the palate with soft plum flavors and a fine barrel note - that's what characterizes our plum brandy.
Thanks to its particularly sweet and fruity aroma, the plum is perfect for distilling, especially when it is almost starting to dry out. For our premium plum brandy, we use the Franconian Hauszwetschge plum, and the stones are removed from the mash after two days of fermentation to add a special touch. Fermentation takes place under acid protection and oxygen exclusion. The stoneless distillation is then carried out traditionally using the rough and fine distillation process. The elaborate, double distillation in small copper stills and the careful separation of the "heart" preserve the aromas and result in a natural mildness. What makes this premium plum brandy so special is its minimum one-year maturation in one of our emptied 100-liter VAN LOON whisky barrels. This gives the brandy its multidimensionality and golden color. We filter using activated carbon, and only water is used to dilute the brandy during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and it is not diluted or blended.
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