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Long drink glass

Alma Norte Libre
Rum Cola, but extra spicy - for those who like to reinterpret classics.
Alma Norte Mojito
Fresh mint, sour lime and our Piekfeiner Rum make this mojito especially delicious!
Sweet pear and bitter tonic water: a fresh, light aperitif!
Bionic High2
Bitter, sweet and fruity - this is the triad you can look forward to with this drink.
A refreshing drink made from spicy aquavit, soda and lemon.
Triple Peak Blue Lemon
The bitter almond aroma of sloe and bitter lemon - a very special duet!
Triple Peak Blue Tonic
Less strong, but all the more aromatic than the original: our Sloe Gin Tonic.
Triple Peak Fizz
A refreshing cocktail and a true classic - for your next dinner as well as for warm summer nights.
Triple Peak Gin Tonic
The popular classic gin drink with our in-house Triple Peak.
Williams tonic
The fruity pear and bitter tonic water give this drink its wonderful taste.