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Gin Triple Peak Yellow Label

London Dry Gin with three Nordic wild fruits and Earl Grey tea
44 % Vol Alc
Bottle size (ml)
39,90 €
79,80 € per 1 l
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The three Nordic wild fruits sea buckthorn, elderberry and rosehip, combined with the finest regional Earl Grey tea - exactly this mixture distinguishes our classic Triple Peak yellow label. The special bergamot flavors in the Earl Grey give the London Dry Gin its fine citrus note, which makes this gin Triple Peak yellow label a piekfeinen evergreen.
Sensory description
  • The citrus notes give this gin its fragrantly fresh scent, while the Nordic wild berries make it simultaneously spicy in the nose, and the juniper is clearly recognizable. On the palate, the classic juniper notes paired with citrus and bergamot also come through immediately, and the tea note can be tasted in the finish.
In London Dry Gin, all botanicals such as juniper, fennel, coriander, and citrus are macerated together in neutral alcohol, while in yellow label, dried wild fruits and Earl Grey tea are added to the macerate. The alcohol from this macerate is slowly distilled again in a small 130-liter fine brandy still after a certain period of time. It is no longer neutral but smells and tastes intensely of the botanicals used. The filtration is then carried out using activated carbon. Only water is used to dilute the gin during bottling. No flavorings or sugars are added, and it is not diluted or blended.
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